Web Development FAQ

WordPress Website Consultation

What is the consultation process?

During a consultation we’ll discuss the specific ideas you have for your WordPress website. From creating a new website to updating an existing site, we can determine the custom work to achieve your internet goals. Contact us to complete your project with us! Please be as detailed as possible in your message so we can ensure that moving forward with a consultation will be the best next step for you.

What is the start-to-finish process?

Starting with the consultation, we’ll figure out strategies for turning your ideas into reality. Once we’ve discussed your ideas, WP Innovative will put together a proposal for you to review with all included web development work and costs. On acceptance, we’ll efficiently and professionally complete your project in the timeline with milestones and deliverables.

We’ll ask you for photos, logos, content such as text for the pages, and other items that are necessary to create the site. These are also listed in the proposal so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to put together for development. Then we’ll launch your new live site!

Does your location matter?

We can work together no matter where you are! With today’s ability to communicate all over the US — and the world — we can develop your website whether you’re located next door, across the country, or on another continent. From California to Germany to the Philippines, we’ve worked with clients and professionals across the globe.

Specializing in remote web development for over 9 years, our effective and friendly communication will make you happy to work with us!

I have a local store... do I need a website?

Absolutely, you do! Many potential customers research stores before traveling to them. They look for your website, even if it’s only one informational page, to determine whether to enter your doors or not.

Especially if your store is niche, a website is essential to show pictures of your goods or services. Placing your business on maps, monitoring your reviews, and uploading images that you approve are likely to increase your sales over time.

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